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    Harlan Lundsford

    The passing of a legend!

    Kathryn Morgan, EA, NTPI FellowEnrolled Agent, Master Tax Advisor, Professional Speaker, Teacher, technical writer, ://

    For those of you who haven't heard, we as a community lost one of our legends this morning. The GrEAt Harlan Lundsford passed from a bout with cancer. Harlan, in his usual self depreciating style, "retired" last year and we all assumed he was off enjoying his well earned retirement. He was actually giving it his best fight against this horrible disease. We have lost several of our legends this year, including one year ago today, Sondra Gaylord. I'm sure they are all watching over use and having a beverage while doing so. So long, Harlan! chEArs from another EA in LA!

    Copied from a LinkedIn board, probably NAEA

    Lion, thank you so much for posting this. I once had an intensive correspondence going on with Harlan but then lost contact.


      Originally posted by Lion View Post
      So long, Harlan! chEArs
      Thanks for the post, Rita.

      Originally posted by Gretel View Post
      I once had an intensive correspondence going on with Harlan but then lost contact.
      Same here. I'll be sure to raise a glass in memory of him this weekend.


        What name did he use when posting?

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          He used ChEAr$ and signed his posts

          Harlan Lunsford, EA n LA



            I always enjoyed reading his posts and responses. He helped me MANY times. He will be missed for sure.

            Linda, EA


              Harlan helped me out so many times. I am so sad read of his passing. Will be greatly missed.


                Many of us had that experience with Harlan. He was always ready & willing to help in any way he could. He will be missed here and on several other forums as well.
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                  Didn't Know this

                  Lion, thanks for letting us know. I knew we had not heard from ChEAr$ in some time and had wondered.

                  Harland and I went to seminar together once in Dillard, GA. He actually went to a military college in Dahlonega, GA,
                  where he met me at a bluegrass jam and we had a couple drinks.

                  I have very positive memories of Mr. Lunsford, and sad to hear of his passing.


                    Harlann's obit:


                    A true Southern Gentleman.
                    Jiggers, EA



                      Harlan and his extensive expertise will be sorely missed !! He bailed me out on many occasions.


                      Regards = Ricardo


                        I'd wondered why his posts had stopped. I googled his name and was sorry to hear of his passing He was a great guy


                          I too had the pleasure

                          I too had the pleasure to communicate with Harlan on this message board.

                          Rest in peace Harlan