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Will the REAL John Vowles...

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    Will the REAL John Vowles...

    ...please stand up??

    It is discussed on other threads that someone is posting and impersonating John Vowles, a veteran of the QF board.

    Geez I hope not. If you wanna stir up a fracas, please impersonate me, Black Bart, or the eternal villain Armando Bourealis. Not John Vowles - he doesn't deserve it. Vowles is one of the most astute, professional, and helpful people on earth. I hope he sees fit to post on this board, and can do so without some dork trying to post like him.

    Ron Jordan

    John Vowles


    That incident on the QF site was the end for me. There was a a lot of crap being posted and when that string started with the someone threatening to report people to their professional organizations, well that was the end of the QF site for me.

    I agree 100% with you there is no room that type of foolish behavior here. This is a place for professionals to seek help and exchange ideas. I am not saying there is not room for humor and people have a little fun, but it has to be kept under control.



      No better

      Thanks, John Spada, for posting on this new board. I'm sorry those things may be going on over on QF, but the ownership of the board really has nothing to do with the behavior of those posting. The group at either place may exercise censorship when certain comments are made, and outside of that, there is nothing the owners can do about it.

      I did notice (as did Sandy T) that the QF board no longer shows the E-mail addresses of those posting. Interesting, especially with the comments made about Brad using their board as a pool for E-mail addresses.

      I'm sticking with the TMI group, and today mailed off my check for the Deluxe version and the All-States version. I wish no ill to PPC or to those who remain with them.

      I've appreciated your posts and comments for some time now, and am quite proud you are joining our "family." Regards, Ron Jordan


        Deleting Messages

        Over the years that Brad and I have been moderators for tax discussion boards, one principle we adhere to is that we will allow the most freedom possible with regard to comments by participants. We accomplish that goal by being very slow to hit the delete button, regardless of what comments are made by any particular participant. If the comments do not represent a personal attack and are not profane, in most cases we will leave the comments up and let them persuade or not based on their own merits.

        This is not to defend the moderator's actions on any other message board. I'm just trying to convey that if posts similar to what we're discussing appeared on our Message Board, we may or may not leave them up depending on the specific comment contained in the post.

        It is certainly invasive to have another individual impersonate you under any circumstances. However, the individual we're discussing here has a long-standing reputation among the tax professionals who participate in our discussions as offering consistently intelligent and insightful opinions about tax issues. Anyone hoping to present even a vague impersonation needs do more homework. Otherwise the result will be instant exposure as an imposter, as occurred in this situation.



          I think that was part of the problem at the end of last week on the QF Board. I dont know if anyone knew that John Vowles was being a victim of impersonation for a while.

          I guess I am naive, and would have never thought that another person would have taken the time, effort and trouble, to impersonate someone else, particularly someone like John Vowles. He along with so many others have been so willingly to answer "our" questions.

          I hope that John Vowles and others will eventually find their way to this Board!