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    New Tax Message/Discussion Board

    To all at the "The Tax Book" Staff,

    Congratulations on the New Discussion Board! It is "Awesome", and your efforts are shown in the final product.

    I am thrilled about the format and options as it is so user friendly. So many more options, altho I will have a slight learning curve to deal with!

    I am also excited to have found some "posters" that have not been available the last few months and am looking forward to all of the future postings!



    Hi Sandy,

    I totally agree with you. I think this new board is fantastic. Just going through some of the posts, I can see many people on here really know what they are talking about and I look forward to learning from them!

    This is such a wonderful opportunity for me!



      ST and Pepper

      Glad to have you both on board. I need help arguing with Armando, so I hope you take my side on every issue. :^)


        Thank you

        Bees Knees,

        Thank you for the "welcome aboard".

        Would it be OK with you if we split our alliances between you and Armando? We need both of you!




          Sorry Bees,

          One issue I probably won't take your side on is the Partnership and how a Husband and Wife reports, form 1040 or form 1065.

          Want to start a another or continue the prior thread? Armando is much better at the argument, but I did some research and held my own on another posting.

          Why not, let's go for it.



            Says Who?

            I disagree.

            After all the time and effort I've put in trying to educate Bees, you'd think at least a little would sink in. But NO. I need some help here folks. I'm no further down that road than when I started.

            It's a relief to finally see S T in here for backup. Talk some sense into him, will ya?

            There's something else I disagree with. Some people say you never get a second chance in life.

            I think that's not always true.

            It's nice to see some familiar faces.


              Second Chances

              No, I agree, we all get second chances. We just have to try really hard and work for them. The chance is there! Correct our old ways, and do better and work harder.

              Can't get my smilies to work!

              Last edited by S T; 06-24-2005, 11:57 PM.


                Congratulations, also.

                Am looking forward to the new Tax Books coming out in December.



                  Brad: Thanks for inviting me to look at your new board....I T' S G R E A T ! !

                  I'll be placing my order for all your books next week. I know they will be perfect for me.

                  Bob W
                  Last edited by Brad Imsdahl; 06-25-2005, 03:43 PM.


                    Thanks to everyone

                    I really appreciate everyone comming over to see our new project. I like how the new message board turned out, and it is soooooooo nice to chat with all of our old friends. Almost like a family reunion. Did anyone remember to bring the hamburgers and bratwurst?

                    We also don't need to use html commands anymore for paragraph breaks. (Bob, I took them out for you) And if you register, you can edit your post after the fact.


                      New Board and Format

                      Brad, Paul and the rest of the Staff,

                      I also am glad to see all of our friends here on this board.

                      The new format, no html, and being able to preview our post, edit or delete it is really a nice feature!

                      Still learning so might have some questions!



                        Thank you

                        I big Thank you for this board. Just here for a short visit this week. Have to do some other work. This board is great. I also appreciated putting some faces to names (Brad & Paul).

                        Yes, this board is much more user friendly. But I am in the wrong profession: I hate change. So I will surrender to the learning curve.

                        Good luck. Look forward to your tax book.



                          Message Board


                          This Message Board is great and needed by tax professionals. Very friendly user oriented. Many features not available on others. If it is any indication, your tax books will be great as well. I like the idea of the Deluxe edition and its expanded contents.

                          I am not as verbose as many of you, but I still learn a great deal from your posts. Keep up the good work/


                            Love the new board

                            This is my first look at the new board. I really like the format. I like being able to look at all of the other posts at one time without the back and forth steps.

                            I am looking forward to bringing my difficult problems to ask you about. I really appreciate the knowledge of the other professionals that post. I hope that I can be of help to some along the way too.

                            Linda F


                              Happy to Be Here

                              Just wanted to say howdy and that I'm thrilled to see so many 'old friends'.

                              My only worry: Now that I know the true extent of the expertise some of these old friends possess, I'm hoping I'm not too intimidated to jump in now and again!