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    Previous posting got lost. Here I try again.

    Originally posted by Black Bart
    Are you on the plains or in the mountains out there?

    I am in the Bull Mountains about 3,000 ft.

    How cold does it get in Montana?
    Since the winter has mercy on me it rarely drops below 0. Each winter some days up to -20. But I have been told I haven't seen winter yet. Where I grew up in Germany 10+ was the coldest I ever experienced. But you can't compare that. Humidity makes all the difference and it's so dry here most of the time the snow literally evaporates if the sun is shinning fully. It's funny to watch.


    thanks. It usually doesn't get too cold here either--about 10 to 20 degrees mostly, although it's been down to zero a few times in the past.

    We once had friends who lived in the Dakotas near Canada and they said the snow piled up to their rooftops there, but we've never seen any deeper than about a foot or so.