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1099B with withholding?

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    1099B with withholding?

    I have never had a 1099B that included withholding? I have never had this I just force the withholding to include this amount. I also didn't receive any cost information fo the stock sold.....of course. At this late hour in the tax season, I am quite tired and just can't think well. I suggested an extension to the people that brought me this return to do. I was told they did not want that....after all I got their paperwork last Thursday....along with a dozen others that were all larger projects, of course.

    I still have a business to to the entire years accounting and get those returns done too. Beginning to think I will not make it this year.....

    Wish me luck.....

    Check you software input, my software has a place on the input screen for the 1099B Federal and State tax withheld.

    Your client should give you the cost of the stock that they sold, if they don't know, you can check with the broker, or one of the web site for stock history.


      charge a premium

      >>I got their paperwork last Thursday<<

      Most industries charge a premium for expedited processing, but we should give a discount -- "My vacation starts on Tuesday, so I'll just slam this out at my 'year-end clearance' prices -- okay?"


        Good advise....

        I like your idea of charging a premium!! No discounts here ..... too tired to think them up ;~)