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    Tanks Cleaned Out

    I Had Some Tanks Cleaned Out This Summer Along With Some Terrace
    Work Done To My Farm. Can I Deduct The Entire Amount This Year??

    Well gosh, Unregistered,

    That question just almost begs for two replies; one of which is "was the work done for a business purpose?" and the other, of course, is "Why Don't You Ask Your Local Tax Professional?"


      I was under the impressions this was a message board for tax questions for somewhat

      Yes, it was for a farm business.

      What is on the message board if not tax questions?



        Of course this is the place for tax question.-- and hopefully some answers.


          Dear Mr Unregistered

          We don't mean to be rude, but your post makes it appear that you are a taxpayer, not a tax preparer, and this board is for tax preparers to exchange ideas and questions.

          As a rule, we often will be happy to answer a question that a taxpayer has, if it's for general knowledge, but we can't address a particular situation without knowing all the particlulars.

          We would be bad tax preparers if we gave advice based on such limited information - and if we get into too many particulars, well, then we are practicing our profession and would like to get paid.


            Oh well, alright,

            Originally posted by Unregistered

            a message board for tax questions for somewhat professionals...
            if you put it like that, there's no question but what I am only "somewhat" professional.

            Okay, let's see; it's a biz so you're halfway home. Next, about the "tanks cleaned out"--don't see any problem there. Just make the person (if not a corporation) a 1099 if you paid him over $600 and put in "repairs" expense or write "tank cleaning" on the miscellaneous expense lines of Schedule F and list it there.

            Last (assuming the "terrace work" wasn't on your wife's patio and deck), here's the quote from IRS Publication 225, "Farmer's Tax Guide" (don't pay any attention to that pesky Yankee jainen about not usin' IRS pubs--either that or ask your questions on Thursdays).

            You can deduct conservation expenses only for land you or your tenant are using, or have used in the past, for farming. These expenses include, but are not limited to, expenses for the following.

            1. The treatment or movement of earth, such as:

            a. Leveling,
            b. Conditioning,
            c. Grading,
            e. Contour furrowing, and
            f. Restoration of soil fertility

            2. The construction, control, and protection of:

            a. Diversion channels,
            b. Drainage ditches,
            c. Irrigation ditches,
            d. Earthen dams, and
            e. Watercourses, outlets, and ponds.

            3. The eradication of brush.

            4. The planting of windbreaks.

            How's that, Ed?
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              Not Ed

              but Black Bart, you sure know how to research and write. Arkansas is starting to catch up
              with the rest of the South when it comes to readun, ritin n rithmetic.
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                >>that pesky Yankee jainen<<

                Dude, I done tole yall bfore I aint no Yankee. Just thinken bout all em leaves fallen off of trees like totally creeps me out.


                  Message Board

                  Occasionally, we get participation on the board from folks whose questions are an immediate tip-off that they are obviously not tax preparers. This thread was started by someone who could use a background in nominal vs. capital expenditures, Section 1252 expenditures, and farm taxation.

                  I feel very much like Abby, who is a devout tax preparer. But we've had questions like this before, and usually tax people who are denizens of the board will answer them. If you follow the REAL "right" to the board, it would NOT be based upon whether someone was a tax professional or not, but whether they purchased a TAXBOOK or not. Of course, nearly everyone who forked out money to buy a TAXBOOK would be a tax preparer of one kind or another.

                  If we want this to be an exclusive board, the structuring of this idea would take on a life of its own. Like the old Johnny Carson crowd, "How exclusive IS it?" You can start with sending a generic password out with the TAXBOOK. One password for everyone. But if we want to be exclusive, we've got to stop non-tax preparers from casually picking up the book and seeing the password, so the TAXBOOK folks would next have to put enough security on the board that each individual needs his own password. Ah yes, but even that bold step isn't enough. Now we have to stop TAXBOOK subscribers from giving out passwords to their friends who are not subscribers, so we have to come up with a licensing arrangement which attaches to the users' computer.

                  And of course, we will expect the TAXBOOK people to go to all this additional website expense at no additional cost to us, right? They can even emblazon an advertisement across the front of their publication which says: "FREE!!! WITH THIS SUBSCRIPTION!!! A FREE MEMBERSHIP ON THE TAXBOOK MESSAGE BOARD!!!" And then, in the true spirit of enterprenuership, the board becomes available for (you guessed it) an additional FEE!

                  OK, I hope I've made my point. Ridiculous, you say? Not really -- as a matter of fact, before there was competition, PPC was considering converting their board into a user fee type access (which of course, held them harmless for the content). I'm sure the TAXBOOK owners have considered all aspects of this board, and have chosen to operate it as it now exists.

                  So although I agree with Abby, we can't really do anything about taking an exclusive position about limiting board participation. There are other tax expertise boards, the QuickFinder board, and the ATXers board, to name a couple.

                  Guest, welcome to the board, and come back again anytime. But you very drastically need the help of someone in your area who knows taxes. Tax preparers are all about making money for themselves -- but most of us know how to save you much more money than it costs you. And one added note -- in general, you will not find enough coherent material on this board to give you the broad-based knowledge that you need to fill out anything beyond a short form.

                  Ron Jordan, Manchester, TN


                    Dear jainen,

                    Originally posted by jainen
                    >>that pesky Yankee jainen<<

                    Dude, I done tole yall bfore I aint no Yankee. Just thinken bout all em leaves fallen off of trees like totally creeps me out.
                    Excuse me just a minute (say Bird; I agree and I do appreciate the compliment, but--first things first--I've gotta chat with jainen for a bit}.

                    Okay,, let's see, what was it I was gonna say? Oh yeah; alright, you're not a Yankee, you're a...what? Westerner? From California-right? Okay, I got it. You're not from "up north"--you're from "out west." I'm sorry. I'll be more careful in the future (dang if I know why I'm always apologizin' and you're the one that's always doing the snipin' at folks).

                    Well, anyway, I'll try to keep my J-facts straight--"I'm on it," as y'all say out there. For example, didn't you mention you worked at the Grin & Go? Is that anything like that place (Whammyburger) where Michael Douglas went into in that show "Falling Down" (I really liked that one--'member when he asked the fast food manager "have you ever heard the expression--the customer is always right?")? Great, wasn't it (I'd love to do that--without the machine gun, of course)?

                    By the way, do y'all make Whammyburgers or Whammyfries at GrinGo? I'd like to try some to see just what Mike got so upset about.
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                      Thank you, Ron

                      I do agree that all should be welcome to read and learn- not that it is my place to decide such things in any case.

                      I think we will continue to do what we've always done. Answer anything we feel competent to answer and when it appears that a post is from someone inquiring about their particular return and the question is going to require a tax prep interview, we will gently(at least I hope we will be gentle) counsel them to seek professional advice or at least introduce sufficient disclaimers to our answers!

                      Besides, if the board was truly only for the nerdy stuff (tip of the hat to the geek vs nerd thread) I would be in violation constantly -as I very much enjoy the off subject discussions including those about different parts of the country, weather issues, new babies and movie reviews.


                        Ron and abby

                        Very eloquent posts from both of you. Thanks for the "assist."