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    Originally posted by Bees Knees
    You don't force the book on people and then accept 10% back from the people who payed attention to your tactic. That is not a good way to retain satisfied customers.
    I'm not sure he was saying the book should be shipped automatically without their consent. I believe he was just saying he prefers it that way. I do to, on various products that I know I will be ordering from the same company that I need. I like getting the code and regs from RIA automatically. I've tried CCH, but I like RIAs presentation better. They have the easiest format of all of them. I guess the point is, it is a nice feature as long as the customer prefers to have it that way.



      Auto Shipping or Renewal

      I guess what some of us are trying to convey is that maybe the vendors should have a "check the box" for auto renew or auto ship, and others of us would prefer simply to receive the renewal notice so we can decide and send a check by snail mail.

      Years ago I was on an auto ship/renew, which I was unaware of, and it took me months to straighten it out. I refused to pay the bill because I did not order the renewal or want the renewal subscription. The vendor stated that was the only way that they handled their subscription service, then I was threatened with collections. Not a nice incident.