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Pension & Social Security Issue

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    Pension & Social Security Issue

    My customer (age 75) received her annual SSA-4926-SM fold-out form that shows the amount of her 2022 social security benefit amount.
    Among the paragraphs on this doc is a short one that says "If you receive a pension from employment not covered by Soc Sec - let us know".
    She had retired (on disability) from her Wisconsin public school teaching career at age 55. Prior to Wis, she had taught school in Illinois
    & earned a small pension there, which she began taking at age 65. I am told the Illinois pension system is not covered by social security.
    Haven't run across this situation before & am unsure what this means for the customer or what (if anything) she needs to do.
    Thanks for any comments.

    That is due to the Windfall Elimination Program.