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Question about AZ Residency/Non-Resident

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    Question about AZ Residency/Non-Resident

    Married couple who want to file jointly and are both from the State of Hawaii and live in AZ while taxpayer is on active duty. Taxpayer pays taxes in Hawaii. Spouse works remotely for a Hawaii firm and pay taxes to Hawaii. Hawaii considers military taxpayer as a Hawaii resident and allows the spouse to file as a Hawaii resident.

    My question is: does Arizona consider the spouse's income subject to Arizona non-resident taxes?

    No taxes due and no filing requirement

    No, and there is no filing requirement.

    "Arizona Nonresident Military Stationed in Arizona with Arizona Nonresident Spouse Living in Arizona - Both Residents of the Same State
    Q22. I am married and an active duty military member who is an Arizona nonresident stationed in Arizona in compliance with military orders. My spouse is also an Arizona nonresident who is living in Arizona solely for the purpose of being with me. My spouse and I are both residents of the same state. What income tax form should we file, and what income should we report on that form? You should file an Arizona nonresident return, Form 140NR, only if you or your spouse had nonmilitary income from an Arizona source. Starting with 2009, wages earned in Arizona by your Arizona nonresident spouse are not considered to be Arizona source income if your spouse is present in Arizona solely to be with you because you are stationed in Arizona in compliance with military orders and your spouse has the same state of residence as you. In this case, Arizona will not tax your spouse’s Arizona wages. However, if your spouse is in Arizona for any other reason, Arizona will tax your spouse’s wages earned in Arizona. Additionally, Arizona will not tax your military income. If your only income is military income or your spouse’s wage income earned in Arizona, you should not file an Arizona income tax return, unless there has been Arizona tax withheld from your spouse’s wages. "

    Source: Arizona Dept. of Revenue