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SEHI Deductibility

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    SEHI Deductibility

    This subject has been often discussed - but seems to be an evolving issue and I would like to explore the latest.

    As I understood the CODE for SEHI, it had to be issued in the name of the business for the parties. As the health insurance industry virtually would not insure any such company unless they were sufficiently large, adherence to this narrow qualifier became impossible except in a few cases.

    Many IRS officials began allowing all manner of other insurance to be deductible, in spite of the narrow qualifier. I believe this included even the IRS General Counsel, allowing such latitude as to even allow medicare payments.

    Do any of you have more current information than this, or can supply a link to a recent pronouncement?

    That sounds accurate and current.

    Memorandum 200524001 says it can be in the name of the self employed individual.

    Memorandum 201228037 says Medicare is allowed.

    Publication 535

    Revenue Procedure 2014-41 shows the interaction between SEHI and the Premium Tax Credit.