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    Mileage From Home

    I have a cleaning business. I drive from my home(don't really have an office
    at home)to several office buildings. can I take mileage from home to building
    and back.



    The rule is first trip and last trip each day is considered commuting. Trips between office buildings is business mileage. I would recommend you talk to a tax specialist to get the best result on your tax return.


      business mileage

      Where do you keep your supplies, do your record keeping, to quote QF,,,

      1) The office is used excusively and regularly for administrative or management activities of a trade or business.

      2) There is no other fixed location where the taxpayer conducts thede activities.

      The area of the home could be a desk in any room, as long as it's used exculsively and on a continuing basis. It doesn't have to be an entire room, it just has to be a specific part of the home.

      If these test are met, then the all business mileage from your home and return would be deductable.
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