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Amending State and not federal

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    Amending State and not federal

    Just curious is it ok to amend a state return but not the federal? Do you have to amend both or can you just do state?

    Do what is needed.

    You may do only the State, or in some cases, only the Federal. The purpose of amending a return is correcting errors or omissions. If the Federal return is not involved in, or impacted by, the error or omission, leave it alone.


      It is always the client's choice whether to amend. If they only want to amend one but not the other, your only choice is to do it the way they want, or decline the engagement. This assumes you have informed them of the errors/omissions in their return and the consequences of not correcting them.

      On the CA state amended return, there is a question asking whether a similarly amended federal return has been filed, not sure how they use the info.
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        Federal amended return is possible

        Are you asking if it is OK to amend a state return to correct an error when there is no error on the federal return?

        If so, of course that is acceptable.

        OTOH, if you are asking to correct the "same error" on the state return but not on the federal return. . .there may be some professional reasons for you to decide against that route.

        FWIW: Many state returns piggyback the federal return, such as starting the state return with the federal AGI. (And most states ask for a copy of the amended federal return to be provided as reference.)

        NC has this information printed on the state amended form D-400X: "If the changes are also applicable to your federal return, include a copy of federal Form 1040X."