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AZ Contractor sells to US Govt located in CA

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    AZ Contractor sells to US Govt located in CA

    I have an 1120S Arizona contractor who put up a building on a US Military base located in CA.

    Does CA treat income derived from the US Government as CA source income?

    Wondering if I need to allocate income between AZ and CA, or just report it all to AZ.

    I'm 99.9% sure the allocation will be necessary, but wondering if anyone is familiar with this?


    Your estimate was off by just one-tenth of one percent. For the apportionment of sales in California there is no provision allowing a taxpayer to exclude sales to the federal government (or to the State of California or any other political subdivision). They are still sales in California. Use Schedule R, and good luck with that!
    Roland Slugg
    "I do what I can."


      Single Sales Factor?

      Hi Roland - Thanks! I need to use the "single sales factor" for my client, right?