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ACA and poverty level

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    ACA and poverty level

    I have a client with 10 children so 12 exemptions. He and his wife had no health insurance last year. 2 of the dependents did for part of the year and the rest of the kids are on medicaid. When I do the tax return he is getting a penalty. The exceptions don't apply to him. They have tried to get insurance in the past and it was too expensive. I am not sure if he actually went to the marketplace or not. (He is traveling on the road today...don't want to call him now)
    I keep looking for something in the exceptions about the poverty level. I know that he must be way below the poverty level with that many kids. But I can't find anything. Where do I find an exception for that?

    Also I think it is crazy that the exemption for cost of insurance was too expensive wants documentation of the cost. Most people didn't write down the cost of the premium. So they have no proof.

    Linda, EA

    What is his Federal Poverty Level percentage?

    Did he live in a State that did not fully 'expand' Medicaid?

    If not, why did he not have Medicaid?

    Did he have access to employer insurance?