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W-2G's totals not matching Customer Win/(Loss) summary

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    W-2G's totals not matching Customer Win/(Loss) summary

    Entered all official W-2G tickets (yellow in color) into spreadsheet. The spreadsheet total is about 80% of the total on the Casino's Customer Win/(Loss) Summary W2G Winnings print out but I noticed some payouts on the summary print out for which I have no physical W-2G tickets.

    So far none of physical W-2G tickets I have in my possession had any Fed withholding but obviously its possible the remaining W-2G's tickets may have had some withholding. With the taxpayer giving me a POA, will the IRS fax me transcripts of the tax payers 2013 W-2G's, form 1098 etc. even though the taxpayers 2013 tax return has not yet been filed?

    A W-2G isn't required for all wins. For example, a slot payout under $1,200 wouldn't have a W-2G. $1,500 for keno. $5,000 for poker tournament. $600 for most others.

    Which of course means probably anytime we see a taxpayer who has 10 W-2G, the total of W-2G isn't the real amount that should be reported but actually a larger amount should be reported. I imagine what almost always happens is only the winnings reported on W-2G get shown on the tax return and the ones that weren't large enough to generate a W-2G omitted completely from the tax return.

    If you've got the actual payout amounts for the ones where a W-2G was not received, you could look to see if perhaps the amount was too small to generate a W-2G.