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Llc parntershiop how many ptners?

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    Llc parntershiop how many ptners?

    2012 LLC had several limited partners, 2013, just primary partner left. can I still file a 1065 with 1 K-1? or put other partners on K-1 with $0 and no % of profit or loss?

    Let me make sure that I am understanding you correctly. In 2012, an LLC was a multi-member LLC did not elect corporate taxation and was therefore taxed as a partnership. It was still taxed as a partnership at the time that its last passive member left, leaving only a single-member LLC that, as of that time, had still not elected partnership taxation.

    If that is correct, then the LLC went from being a partnership-taxed entity to being a disregarded entity when it became a single-member LLC (see TTB 20-15, "Change in membership" midway down on the left), which means a Schedule C filing in 2013 instead of a 1065/K-1 combo.
    James C. Samans ("Jamie")