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  • mastertaxguy
    Student visa then green card

    1. The facts suggest you need to take a hard look at IRS Publication 519 and perhaps the instructions for form 1040NR.
    2. This appears to be a situation where the taxpayer has dual status for 2013.
    3. Determine if the TP filed for an extension. Sometimes, a failure to do that disrupts the "immigration/homeland security" process.
    4. If you are in over head, find someone in your area who can handle these types of returns. None of us need unhappy clients or unpaid work. These are not easy returns or easy tax situations.
    5. Be sure to inform the taxpayer that if he has a greencard he has to file US tax returns even if he leaves the United States.

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  • Cremg
    started a topic Resident Student/Worker

    Resident Student/Worker

    Have a customer who worked in the US under a student visa (no social security taken) for six months and six months under a green card with social security taken. How should this be treated?