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    carry over

    Can any parts of the EA exam passed this month be carryed over to 2006 or does the new layout test suppose to go in effect for next time.

    Maybe, and maybe not. It depends on if they change formats next year. From the Form 2587 instructions, the following Q& A answers this:

    “Question: What is the rationale for not allowing a carryover of parts passed under the current examination format, when we shift to a new examination format?

    Answer: We expect significant changes to the current four-part format of the examination; consequently, the design of the new examination may not make it possible for individuals to carryover parts passed to the new format.

    Question: I passed three parts of the 2004 examination. If, in 2005, I failed the fourth part, but scored 90% of the passing score for that part (minimum retention), will I be able to carry over my score to the 2006 examination?

    Answer: You will be able to carry over your score from the 2004 examination, so that you do not have to take those parts of the 2005 examination. If the 2006 examination is administered in a new format, the design of the new examination may not make it possible to carry over your scores to 2006.”

    You can view the entire instructions by going to: