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    8863 and aoc

    i have a student who was at least a half time student last year but the box on 1098-t(box 8 check if at least half time student) is not checked. i am wondering if that will cause problems if i claim aoc for the client since that box is not check.

    Education Credits

    The IRS is heavily scrutinizing education credits. Lots of correspondence audits. Tell your client that it is [u]likely[/i] that they will get a letter.

    They need to be prepared to prove, with solid documentation, that the student was enrolled at least half time. That means detailed bills and account statements from the school, showing the number of credit hours or the number of courses. A transcript might help also. For good measure, I would also find something on the school's website or student handbook that shows what the definition of half time is. Each school has their own definition.

    This question comes up more and more... I don't think you, as the preparer, have to see this stuff in order to prepare the return. But ethically, I think you do have a responsibility to make sure the client understands that it is very likely that they will have to produce this stuff in the next six to nine months.

    Burton M. Koss

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