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MARY E - Roth Conversion - Form 8606

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    MARY E - Roth Conversion - Form 8606

    Mary E wrote:

    Help needed. On 2011 taxes, tp converted traditional IRA to a Roth, I listed the amount from 1099R on return and all taxes due where paid; however, I did not list the roth conversion amount on the return... should I ammend 2011 or can I just sent in form 8606 separately ? :/
    I think you can send in Form 8606 by itself. If you file an amended return, it's not going to change anything. You would still have to attach Form 8606. Form 8606 is designed so that it can be filed by itself. That's why there is an address block at the top.


    People are not going to read your posts if you don't put a topic in the subject line.

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    Need some help

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