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NCDOR Local Office Closed for two days?

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    NCDOR Local Office Closed for two days?

    I had a client who got yet another letter from NCDOR that appeared to be ignoring and was ignoring an amended return we filed in April. The amend was of an 07 return we filed (late) in December. Anyway the most recent letter threatened garnishment so client was upset. We met this am at the local office only to find a sign on the door to the effect that they were closed Wed and Thurs for meetings. Fortunately we were able to resolve the situation with a call to Raleigh but I wondered- Does NCDOR often close local offices and do other taxing agencies?

    There used to be a local office in Jacksonville, but about 4 years ago, they closed it and all the Revenue Agents began working from their homes. NCDOR issued each agent a cel phone for business use. I still use most of the agents whenever a problem arises.

    I never knew the whole office to close for meetings. Wierd.
    Gary B., E.A.
    I make no claim as to the accuracy of the information and will not be held liable for any damages caused by using such information.