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    Simple Payroll yet to do

    I have a simple payroll to do on Monday for a Church that wasn't ready before Friday. I need the one W2 and associated filing so I can do the pastor's return. I don't see why an extension should be necessary but if one is it will be ok by the client. How can I do the very simple payroll?

    Busieware is out because I had their software and couldn't get it to work upon installation on Friday and their tech support did not get back to me even though I called before noon.

    IRS E Services is out (if they even have this possibility) because they make me change passwords repeatedly.

    I've heard that there is a way on the website of the SSA but I'd like to ask if that's an option and how user friendly it is.

    If I could get easy to use software I wouldn't be above spending several hundred on it because I want to do more payroll. A pay per return option would be a plus. I'd consider taking the info to a "payroll service". If I buy software I want to buy from a company that's at large as possible so that their tech support does not go bye bye because two people are unavailable.

    Thank you for any thoughts.

    SSA business services

    I file W2's all the time on business services.

    I don't do the payroll, but I file the W2's for several household employers, plus W2's for one LLC that I do.

    If you have the figures worked out, and all you need is to file the W2's, that is very easy.
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