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    Web Site

    I am interested in having a web site built with a portal.I would like some names of people who do this service and no what tax people need and have done successful sites

    Site Builder

    I get mine from my tax software company that, obviously, specializes in web sites for tax preparers. I have the plain vanilla site that comes with FileShare, a basic portal that allows my clients to upload files to me and allows me to upload files to a specific client or even something such as my engagement letter to be downloaded by all clients.

    My site can be much more customized, either by paying for additional services or by doing more things myself. (They offer a more elaborate portal if I had employees that would need to access files or my clients wanted multiple employees to have various types of access.) I bought it originally to have it in place as I went into a busy tax season, so have done very little myself. The newsletters and alerts change each month from Site Builder. I add my own blog as I have time. I don't have to know html or anything fancy, just WYSIWYG and can post things in Word or .pdf or any text.

    It's all hosted by CCH, the same company that tranmits my tax returns:

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    or visit my site:



      Does a pretty good job


        Accountants' World

        I think Accountants' World offers web sites. And, check with your tax prep software company.


          I'm setting one up through AFSB. Reasonable, offers a lot of customization, and easy to do. I'm no techie, but its up and running already. see it at

          under $300/year.