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    I am using a new program this year.

    The software company converted all of my files, but not the bank info. I ask the client to let me copy the infomation directly from the account they want the deposit to go into. The software also has a bank verification form that can be printed and verified by the client.

    Since I usuually complete returns as the client is sitting in front of me--there's less likelihood of information getting transferred to another return in an incorrect manner.


      Sad to say, this also happened to me a few years back. I was able to rectify in short order by picking up the first client who got the incorrect refund and escorting him to the bank, who issued us a certified check out of his account (which I would have paid for, but they did not charge us) in the correct taxpayers names (jointly, by the way). I then contacted the 2nd taxpayer and delivered the check to them. Both were very understanding, and I still have both of them as clients. And copies of the check. To do it any other way via the IRS would have taken months. If this can work for you, it is the easiest route. Profuse apologies, and offer of free tax preparation because of mistake may be in order. This is why I know they don't verify the names on the bank accounts.