A current client is now employed by an "up and coming" firm that offers several stock option purchase plans, to include ISO and ESPP programs.
( Yes, I have "searched" on TTB for info re same, to include Forms 3921 and 3922. So far, neither form has ever crossed my desk. )

Two "2018 questions" for today, for anyone who has recently dealt with these issues:

1 -- Are the 3921/3922 tax forms distributed along with the "regular" employer income tax forms, or on an "as needed basis" during the year?
2 -- Since all recently issued stock must now fall into the "covered security" realm, how complete is the Form 1099-B that will (eventually) be received for any sale? Stated differently, will it likely be necessary to enter some "adjustments" on the Form 8949 / Schedule D based upon what is shown on the (older) Forms 3921/3922 ?

As a side note, this employer has EVERYTHING related to employee stock accounts maintained by a single third party, so perhaps that arrangement might simplify things a bit.

Thanks for any input.