Long time customer brings paperwork recently for his personal tax return (extension was filed) and says he has started a new business and gives me
P and L and Balance Sheet. After some questions he lets me know he applied for an EIN and sends me letter from IRS which says he needs to file a 1065 by Mar 15. Apparently he never read this letter. Not sure how he got things so mixed up. And from best I can determine he has no need of an EIN. When I asked why he applied for one, his answer was to make my business official. So what should I advise him? Yes, he should have talked to me first but do they ever. How can this be fixed or do I just need to file a 1065 late for 2017 and issue the K-1 and then prepare his personal return. The business really should be a Sch C from what he has told me. Not sure what he put on application for EIN that caused this to happen. Thanks for any help or advice