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New client that is hiring me to review his accounting and payroll for 2017. As the owner he paid himself 4 payroll checks and withheld payroll taxes, social security, etc. One check per quarter.

The good news is he actually did pay all his payroll taxes on a semi-weekly basis for Federal and Monthly for State. States he filed the 941's and State tax forms quarterly but no record that I can find in his paperwork.

Should I file all payroll forms to match total payroll for 941 and include his wages and then complete an amended 941 and not issue him a W-2 and not include in W-3? or file the forms without included his wage if he hasn't filed them yet? I assume he will just get a refund for the overpayment?

Trying to figure out the best approach before we file all the year-end payroll paperwork

How can I verify he filed his quarterly payroll forms?

You can continue to file the payroll. I don't think it would be necessary to do an amended 941. When the W-2 is completed, the W-2 can be included on 2017 tax return and an overpayment will probably result. As KC suggested, you can get a POA, and request or download her transcripts; or call IRS Practitioner Priority Service hotline - 866-860-4259, as request the transcripts be faxed to you - which is the quickest way, to me.