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This problem with security breaches is only going to get worse before it gets better (hopefully).
I don't know about security breaches, but according to IRS, the number of ID-fraud returns filed has decreased substantially over the last two filing seasons, due to better data sharing, W-2 verification codes, tax software security improvements, EFIN validation, and so on. I've noticed that complaints on this forum have also dropped off dramatically. And no one seems to complain about the fake IRS phone calls demanding immediate payment on a gift card any more. So it's only fair to acknowledge that the IRS and the industry has helped things get better already, not worse.

Your comment about user irresponsibility is right on. The best solution for tax return fraud is to require a secure TAXPAYER login/password to efile a return (kind of like ID theft PIN for everyone, but implemented better). However, many individuals couldn't care less about anything that requires some thoughtfulness or effort on their part -- the same kind of people who throw their fast food trash out the car window as they drive away. To them, it's always someone else's problem to clean up their mess.