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So. . .calling payment of property taxes a "contribution" is not obtuse but likewise considering calling payment of income taxes a "contribution" IS obtuse? ? ?

The logic of such a position totally escapes me.

Likewise, could you please cite a valid reference to support your contention that payment of ANY property taxes is "optional"? I will need to forward that information to my county tax office when their "contribution request" arrives in the mail during the summer months.

Who the heck mentioned "property taxes"? Can you please provide any quote where I mention a "property tax"?

As far as a payment of a voluntary contribution (and not the words "property tax" that you somehow think I used somewhere?), I will use the California College Access Tax Credit fund. https://www.ftb.ca.gov/individuals/C...x_Credit.shtml

It provides a state tax credit to those that contribute to the fund while being deductible at the federal level.