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    Hi folks. I noticed some regular contributors to this board are from Minnesota. I could use some information from you and, perhaps collectively, we could get some software company to rethink their priorities.

    As you know, MN passed a law that allows the state to send out Property Tax Refunds to those homeowners and renters who e-file their M-1PR a month earlier than those who file via paper returns. Once filers realize this, I believe a demand will be there to e-file those

    Does your present software support the e-filing of M-1PR's? I use the full blown version of Proseries and it does not. I spoke with a couple of different people in the company and, as of now, they do not plan to develop the software to support e-filing M-1PR's for this tax year. The reason given to me seemed rather limp (the M-1PR needs a separate DCN than the 1040/MN M-1). I certainly think that problem would be sovleable by the company if they would just devote some resources to it. When I talked to another individual in the company today he stated that it would be helpful if more customers would request that capability. If you are a Proseries customer (or even if you use TurboTax) it would be to all of our benefit to go to the Proseries web site and request this capability in their "Enhancement" request section.

    The company does owe me another call (they said within 48 hours) and when they do call, I will stress to them that they DO still have time to do the programming this year due to the later filing opportunities for the M-1PR.

    I use Proseries. I would appreciate it if they would allow us to e-file the M-1PR. You can use my vote.

    The other thing that bugs me is if I print out the M13 for an extension payment, Proseries would then not let me e-file the M1 saying the return was not eligible for e-filing. That seems strange, particularly in a state where you get a penalty for not e-filing.


      We use Drake and we can and do efile M1pr's. We have done this for several years now.


        Ultra tax does fine.

        How about MN break for UC taxes on owners. If they have other employees with enough wage base owners who elected out are out federal too.