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Tax Planner Pro - Anyone using this software?

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    Tax Planner Pro - Anyone using this software?

    Trying to find a tax planning software that has more to offer than the tax planner included in my tax preparation software. While web browsing, located a promising software called Tax Planner Pro. I like their website and online demos. However, they don't have a sales department and there is no way to talk with anyone on their team. In the event that the software does not meet customer expectations, they do not issue refunds. So there is no one to speak with, no trial version and no refunds. I'm a little reluctant to move forward unless I can find at least one user of this software that can provide a reference. So... is there anyone on this board that utilizes Tax Planner Pro software? If so, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your experience with the software by phone or private message. Or if anyone has experience with the software and would like to post here, that will work too.

    Is this the “no contact me” software? For that amount of price no one to contact?

    We hope you find the software helpful and a tool that makes your life easier and business more successful. Unlike most accounting software developers, we are a full service CPA firm too, so if you have any questions at all please ask us. We would love to help and hear your feedback about our product.”
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