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    TTB Single Parent Situation

    Single Parent Situation

    On page 3-16 in "The Tax Book," there is a constant reference to a 5 year old child to the Single Parent Situations for 2012.

    Can anyone explain the significance of a 5 year old. I don't seem to find this age referenced anywhere else as a requirement for H of H, Dependent Exemption, Child Care Credit Credit, EIC or Dependent Care.

    A colleague has a client with this significance, but the child is over the age of 5, but less than age 19. He has called and emailed the Taxbook publishers without response, but thought someone here could provide him with some guidance.

    5 year old

    I think they use it as a generic because a 5 year old would qualify for everything including the Child Tax Credit and Child Care Credit. A 14 year old would not get the child care credit, an 18 year old would not get the child tax credit.
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