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Are you, the tax preparer, a PLLC or LLC?

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    Are you, the tax preparer, a PLLC or LLC?

    At the website listed below, it stated:

    "The professional LLC provides professional services that require a state license to practice, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and dentists, to name a few".

    As I start to complete my AZ application, the app ask me if I want to be a PLLC or an LLC. Based on this article, sounds to me like I should select PLLC.

    Please give me your input.

    Yes, I agree with you. I am a single member PLLC. Depends on the state, in your case, I would say a definite yes.


      only applies

      to CPAs ("accountants") - as an EA I do NOT hold a "state license" to practice.... So for ME - only LLC


        Does anyone else see the (humorous) irony in having another recent thread essentially saying "we shouldn't answer non-tax questions," and then having someone ask, for themselves, a question that's essentially a legal question?

        Which is not to say that it's inappropriate to ask this question, just that I'm amused by the combination. There will always be some questions that are non-tax questions but for which "see a type X expert" is too curt.

        When it comes to "Should I incorporate?" or "What type of corporation?" questions, my stock reply is that those are mostly legal questions, the biggest issue is liability, and you should really be asking a lawyer. Here are the tax issues that I can explain ....

        I suppose that if tax pros are going to be losing business to d-i-y tax software, it's only fair that lawyers lose business to d-i-y incorporation software.


          Legal firms

          I've noticed that all of my clients who work for a law firm work for an LP rather than a PLLC.
          Apparently they consider the LP a better choice.