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Thread: Unmarried Parents with Child

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    Default Can of worms

    Things I DON'T miss by no longer working with a store-front tax organization. . . .

    While OldProfessor seems to have a good grasp of the rules, the "solution" is definitely fraught with problems.

    Issue #1: Why has dad not bothered to file any tax returns in recent years? Unpaid taxes? Unpaid child support? Unpaid whatever? My awareness level always goes (went?) up whenever I was suddenly presented with a client who decided it was finally time to file some original returns for years gone by.
    Issue #2: Assuming mom claimed child and (likely) EITC, straightening out her situation via amended returns might be. . .co$tly and unplea$ant !

    Oh yes: You probably will have to deal with all of the relevant Obamacare "issues" for both parties.

    Also, before you progress too far, you probably should do a detailed review of Form 8867 which will be required!

    AND collect a meaningful up-front payment before you perform any work on the tax returns involved!!

    Have fun.

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