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Thread: more "simplification"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaggletooth View Post
    it is impossible to ignore the shenanigans of our elected officials.
    It is also impossible to ignore the proclivities of some of our fellow citizens who elected them, let alone their intelligence level (after all, half the population is below the median intelligence).

    What is ironic is that ATSMAN includes the following quote at the bottom of his posts: "Taxes after all are the dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society", and then goes on to suggest that maybe Democrats only care about getting their grubby hands on a few extra dollars at the expense of the general welfare of all. The legislative record, including ever-increasing income inequality fostered by the other party, shows the opposite.

    I'm not violating the so-called "acid test" here -- " it would clearly be if we wandered into expressing favor of one political party over another." I'm not expressing favoritism, just pointing out historical facts -- you know, real ones, not alternate ones. For all you know, I may be in favor of ever-increasing income inequality! Also interesting to note that the "political" sub-thread had been dead for over a week, when Snaggletooth decided it was important to resurrect it, maybe there wasn't enough political discussion yet for him. :-)
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