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Well, good for you!
BREAKING NEWS: Not everyone operates the same way as Rapid Robert.[...]
Heck, I even retype the mailing address on the W2/1099-R if it differs (auto-fill?) from the mailing address used on the tax return itself.
I was simply responding to your previous comment "Where are you if the client sends you (only) an image of the "employee copy" ?? Perhaps land of non-compliance? " I was disagreeing that keeping only a digital copy was somehow non compliant. I haven't yet seen any cites to back up your contention that it might be non-compliant.

I too make sure the address on the W-2/1099 efile record matches the actual form even if different from the return address, doesn't everyone?

I don't understand what your "BREAKING NEWS" and "good for you" comments were intended to convey. It sounds like my operating methods are similar to many others, I wasn't boasting about anything.