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I would limit my liability by only reprinting a W-2 that my company had originally issued for a client.

As to reasons, I had two clients come in this year requesting W-2s from 2008 and 2009. One was for a client changing jobs and they had to prove move their employment history for the new company. The other was for a Toledo resident who had to prove prior city taxes were paid. Federal transcripts of W-2 info do not include state and local withholding information. Luckily I had scanned the Old W-2s and could provide them. Toledo does not require a tax return if residents do not owe taxes, but often will request old info.
The benefits of PDFs.

As you know, as long as it is a PDF copy of the "original" w-2, it should not be an issue. Since we "scan" clients originals papers and later they can't find (for whatever reason) their originals (which was given back to them) , our firm offers the service of providing copies the clients need for a fee.