Client sold a shack with land on a lake at a gain.... they received a 1099-S, correctly. It needs to go on the 8949 as long term gain, then to Schedule D.... my question is in PROSERIES, how do you get there?
When I open the Capital Gain Detail entry worksheet, it asks if the transaction was reported on a Form 1099-B or equivalent statement, but not a 1099-S..... of course, checking that box treats the sale as a sale of stock, which is not right. But my concern is that if I don't tell the system somewhere, somehow, that I received a 1099-S, the IRS will not have anything to "match", and tell my client she did not report her gain. Is there some other way/place that I can enter a 1099-S?
I am using their BASIC product, and their chat is not available for some reason....

To be clear, I am very comfortable with the tax treatment, my question is ONLY about the software! Thanks for any help you can provide