We have a few clients who have refinanced their home mortgages (home acquisition debt) over the past few years into what is now listed on their Forms 1098 as either HELOC, EQ Line, Line of Credit, etc. We have continued to deduct the Mortgage Interest on these as home acquisition debt up to the $1 million limit because in each case we can see that they paid off their original mortgages with these HELOC’s and Pub 936 states that “any secured debt you use to refinance home acquisition debt is treated as home acquisition debt.” So…my question is: does the suspension on the deduction for home equity indebtedness in the new tax bill eliminate these deductions too? Even though these HELOC balances were all originally home acquisition debt? The wording in the bill leads me to believe that ALL HELOC interest is out, but before we advise our clients to refinance, I just wanted to get some opinions.