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^^ those are the amounts for 2017, but in general FEDUKE404 is correct - the new tax legislation retained the add'l std deduction for elderly and blind. You won't find anything about this add'l deduction allowed in the new law because it wasn't mentioned.

The amounts for this are ones that are indexed for inflation, and those amounts were issued by the IRS in Rev Proc 2017-58 back in November. The 2018 amount will be an add'l $1,300 for the aged or blind, and $1,600 if also unmarried and not a surviving spouse. It's on page 14 here in this link to the Rev Proc: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-drop/rp-17-58.pdf
Kiplinger has now corrected with the following:

Individuals age 65 or older and the blind continue to get an additional standard deduction under the new tax law.
In our last Letter, we used 2017 figures instead of 2018 inflation-adjusted numbers.
For 2018, these people will get $1,300 more per person ($1,600 if unmarried).

Apologies for all the confusion.