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There may be something wrong in the reporting of the entire refund as taxable, though it is possible that the net result may be right. When an estimated tax payment (or an amount paid with an extension) and the refund of taxes are made in the same year, part of the refund could be considered attributable to the amount paid in 2015 if any estimates or withholding were made in that year and this part would be considered a taxable refund of previously deducted amount.

The amount paid in 2016 and refunded in 2016 would not be treated as income and a deduction according to the publication. ProSeries did do this somewhat correctly the last time I tested this. Did they break this or is the "Pro" you referenced a different product.
I believe this alternative treatment is what I had already referenced in the 4th paragraph of my 11/16/2017 comment upthread ??