Reading through the actual code of tax change proposal Iím coming up with the following:


Personal exemption deduction
Lifetime Learning credit
Student loan interest deduction
Tuition deduction
Employer education exemption
Mortgage interest on second home
Casualty loss deduction
Sch A tax prep and employee business deductions
Alimony deduction
Moving expense deduction and non-taxable exclusion for employer provided benefits for moving
Employer 125 exclusion for dependent care
State and local income tax deduction


AOC expands to 5 years
New mortgages 500K limit for interest deduction
121 exclusion becomes 5 out of 8 years instead of 2/5 and has AGI limitations
Sch A RE deduction limited to 10K
$1000 child tax credit becomes 1,600, but refundable portion is still limited to 1,000

$300 credit for TP, spouse and others on return that donít get child tax credit

This is what I got from reading though it for non-business 1040 returns. If anyone read something different in it, I wonít be offended to be corrected.