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To what entity did the name and tax ID on the letter refer? (Individual taxpayer, or some other entity) Could you please quote the exact sentence(s) from the letter that make this reference? Was there any reference to a 1099-INT?

"He filed an estate form some time ago". What does that mean? Last month? Last year? 2014?

What tax year was referenced on the letter?

As a side note, while no one is making me spend time replying, it sure would be a basic courtesy if you could include a few more specific facts in your initial query.
Same problem on 2015 taxes. I file a 541 form and a K_! EVERY YEAR for a decedents trust. Last year I got a a CP2000 notice for 2015 telling me I had not reported some $60000 in interest income - more than the value of the trust! After much calling back and forth to the phone number on the CP2000 I finally went in to the local IRS office with a copy of my 541, my K1 and the 1099 from the broker holding the trust, and had them fax all those to the IRS. Upon closer examination we saw that the CP2000 had my correct ssn, my correct first name, but a misspelled last name and a misspelled portion of my street address. A few weeks after that, I received another amended CP2000 saying "Thank you" After further review we have decided you do not owe any further taxes and your K-1 has been accepted as filed!!!!! Dont really know what happened, but seems like either hacking or an IRS error - but no way to tell.. Just be stubborn and keep phoning - you may eventually get someone at the IRS who is willing to listen and change things