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Big supporter of Drake here, after converting to it about 6 years ago. Drake is a fantastic program for anyone who will spend the time to learn to use its features. However, a drive-by evaluation just won't cut it. Many people just won't invest the necessary time and effort, so they have lots of misconceptions. They don't appreciate its features & capabilities. Navigation between forms is simple, but not intuitive, so the casual user assumes it's complicated/cumbersome. It isn't.

There is a definite learning curve, but with a huge payoff for anyone with persistence. Drake is lightning fast and stingy with computer resources - it doesn't require a computer capable of running a nuclear plant. Drake's macros alone increase its efficiency tremendously. Startup, updates, and backups are a breeze - all fast & easy. It is hands down the best program available in its price range. (A price that has remained stable for many years, B.T.W.)
I'm with you JohnH. Switched to Drake after the ATX fiasco a few years ago. Grumbled through the learning curve, and then haven't looked back. it's fast, has excellent customer service, price hasn't changed since I started with them, has an easy network. It has its quirks, its "consistent inconsistency", but I will stay with Drake, if only for its customer service.