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Every year i hope to investigate this issue. And every year I dont feel ready to make the switch. Do you scan & store your office files (8879's, IDs, notes, w2s)? If so, what equipment do you use? (looking for a good/dependable/uncomplicated scanner) And how does the software work? Can I just look up files? Do I create a folder for each files scanned or can the software do this? How do you back this info up in case of HD failure? The software I see wants you to store info in the 'cloud'. I'm not doing that.

Seems like there should be an efficient way to accomplish this- but I'm just not knowledgeable in this area. Thank you in advance for your time!
I do a multi level backup system.

All files for each client are stored in folders by ssn.

The server that these are stored has 2 hard drives that are cloned (in case 1 fails, we keep going, just replace bad hd)
This server is backed up to an external hard drive (nightly).
This server is backup up to a server at my personal residence (nightly).
This server is backup to the cloud (nightly). DO NOT overlook this option as it might be your last ditch effort to recover files. (all my files are encrypted pdfs or tax software encryption, so we are okay).