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Thread: Must File LLC if no activity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Mom View Post
    Ok, this is a bookkeeping client that went to the UK and I haven't heard from in 3-4 years. I checked with the SOS and they have not filed state annual reports for 3 years and have been administratively dissolved, I know how to fix that and have them restated, but don't no about taking them back on. They CLAIM they have had no activity and want to know if they must file. I know the SOS is required, what about a 1065 if there was no activity, and does it matter that they are in the UK? Thanks!!
    Going completely off the rails into paranoia territory here (disclaimer).

    Why would they suddenly ask these questions out of the blue? I think you should very cautious about doing any work for them at this stage, or even answering questions. You mentioned later there was possibly a divorce in the picture. To get really paranoid, what if one party or the other opened an account or accounts in the name of the LLC in an attempt to temporarily hide assets from the other spouse? Or perhaps the other party is suspicious that something of this nature may have taken place and they're trying to elicit leads from you. Not only would that be a mess, but think about the implications of a missed FATCA deadline.

    OK, return to normal programming...
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