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Kathy, I had two single, high-income taxpayers who moved to TN from Tacoma in 2016, one of whom will be returning temporarily in 2017. Don't know whether she will be there long enough to have Washington State wages on her W-2 but it won't matter if there is no taxation thereof. TN doesn't have a tax on salaries either, so no state returns for either year.

A question such as yours perhaps had the wonderment of what my interest would be in Washington State being so far away. Others may feel that I used the question as a front to post some ugly political statements.

Tennessee has no general income tax but being long and narrow, if you live here, you are never far away from another state, so I have somewhat of an additional interest in state taxation. Tennessee is contiguous to 8 states, ALL of which have income taxes. I have a subchapter S military contractor who operates annually in at least 10-12 states, and I can't talk them into making composite payments. So I have to prepare the S corp, plus personal returns for four shareholders in all of these states where the company operates.

For what it's worth, I've been to Washington one time. And stopped in a post office there to send my wife a postcard stamped "Walla Walla, Wa"
Well, when you start with "West Coast is politically and culturally liberal", it's political. I enjoy a good political debate, especially on tax policy and finances, but don't think this forum is the appropriate place to have such.