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Thread: Taxpayer receives Offer for Shares in C Corp

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    Quote Originally Posted by S T View Post
    Thanks Roland,

    Your outline is what I thought - should be through payroll, however, that is not the information I am receiving from the 3rd party setting up the Stock Purchase and attorney, question out to the Accounting Firm.

    Obviously I have no control - I am representing the Taxpayer and trying to plan for Estimated Taxes for 2017.

    Is this a stock option? If read your original post correctly the employee is "purchasing" the stock vs Corp "stock for services" which may take this scenario down a different path than a W-2 path scenario.

    But with the limited information given to you places you in a difficult planning situation. Think best approach is to get necessary information from the attorney (hopefully a Tax Attorney) as to the stock structure (strategy) being developed.
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