Taxpayer as an valuable employee receives an offer from Employer - which is a C Corp
Purchase agreement is for 2 shares of Stock in C Corp - payable over 10 years
Taxpayer remains as an employee receiving W-2 form for Wages

C-Corp is going to distribute an amount "gross up" for the purchase of the shares (annual amount of payment - over 10 years - base purchase amount approximately $ 20,000) plus what the Employer calculates as taxes on this amount.

My question is communicating with attorneys, etc, drafting all of these documents, A 1099 will be issued (confirmed they are not processing through payroll) will the 1099 be a "dividend" or "non-employee comp"

Obviously 1099 Div is not subject to SE - however, 1099 Non Employee Comp will be subject to SE

Trying to set up Estimated Tax Payments for 2017