I need to change the city and zip code on a tax return I prepared. The refund check was returned to IRS because of incorrect address.

I called and IRS says I need to file a POA 2848 (I'm an E.A.) to make this change.

Taxpayer is deceased, but Spouse is alive.

Will one 2848 for the Spouse be sufficient for me to call and get the zip code changed? The 1040 return was "Filed as Surviving Spouse" for taxpayer signature.
I do realize that each 2848 is for one person. I just want to be sure they won't require a 2848 for him with some sort of signature from someone.

Also, the Change of Address form requires both signatures. Can "Filed as Surviving Spouse" be put on that form?

Thanks for the help. I really have not done very many 2848 forms.